Monthly Archives: June 2017

Gas leakage in the BPCL tanker halts vehicle movements & monorail services in Chembur

Motor vehicle and the Wadala Chembur monorail services was halted for 5 – 10 minutes during peak hours on October 9, due to gas leakage in the gas tanker in Chembur. BPCL company’s gas tanker is situated below the monorail alignment in Chembur’s Mysore colony area. This incident was reported at around 10.30 am on ….

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Deadly Mumbai stampede killed Twenty three and left thirty nine injured.

Twenty three people were killed and thirty nine people were injured in stampede which took place at Elphinstone Road station on September 29. A stampede erupted on a footbridge at the Elphinstone Road station around 10.30 am during the rush hour. The authorities said that over-crowding due to rains caused the tragic accident. The injured ….

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