5 dead and other 5 injured in an oxygen cylinder blast on March 28

An entire building collapsed after an explosion of an oxygen cylinder blasted in the Line Bazaar area of Jaunpur on March 28. Five people died and the other five people were injured in this mishap. The people who were injured in this incident were immediately shifted to the nearby hospital for further treatment. As soon as the fire tenders were informed about this incident they immediately rushed to the spot along with medical services. The employees of the other government departments, as well as the locals, also joined the concerned authorities while removing the debris.
According to the sources, around 14 cylinders were stored in the building. All of a sudden, a cylinder exploded bringing down the building. The people who were present in the above structure were trapped under the debris. The rescue operation was held for a long time.
When the building collapsed it created panic among the locals. Till late evening 10 persons were rescued from the spot.
Sources revealed that some labourers who were constructing a temple near the incident site were present in the shop which was in the building where the explosion took place. Some labourers were among those 5 people who died in this mishap.
The Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath instructed the officials to provide the best possible treatment to the people who were injured and expressed grief over the deaths.
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