7 thousand litres chemical leaked on Ahmedabad – Surat Road in Vadodara after a tanker overturned on Feb 7

A tanker carrying 25 thousand litres of isobutyl benzene chemical, overturned on the Vishwamitri Bridge at Ahmedabad – Surat road in Vadodara on February 7.  Chemical leakage was reported from the tanker however, no injury or casualty was reported following this mishap. Fire brigade was immediately rushed to the spot to clear the stretch. Traffic movement was diverted from Dumad village towards City.

This incident happened around 5.30 am when the tanker was on its way to Halol taluka in Panchmahal from Gandhidham. The fire brigade was initially informed that the liquid was chloroform but it was later discovered to be isobutyl benzene. This chemical is highly inflammable and also causes respiratory problems. Officials immediately stopped the leakage and sprayed water on the chemical to clear the incident location. It took more than two hours for the officials to complete the operation and open the stretch for normal traffic movement. Meanwhile, at least 7 thousand litres of chemical was already leaked from the tanker until fire brigade could stop the seepage.

A heavy traffic jam was witnessed near Dumad Crossroads following this accident as the affected stretch connects the city with Vadodara – Ahmedabad Expressway. In the meantime, the traffic was shut on Vishwamitri Bridge and diverted towards city from Dumad to avoid further inconvenience to the travelers. Normal traffic was restored on the highway by afternoon. The driver of the vehicle was missing since the incident.

CyberTech Risk Center Analysis:

The analysts of Cybertech Risk Center generated real-time alerts on this incident and closely monitored the situation providing its clients with timely alerts about the same. We at Cybertech Risk center cover Motor Vehicle Accident, Maritime Incident, Public Transportation Disruption, Roadway Closure, Train Accident, Train Derailment under the ‘Transportation’ category that could be the reason of disruption for the client’s business continuity process, working in collaboration with NC4 providing pan India coverage.

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