8 killed in explosion at a company in Vadodara

On Saturday, a powerful explosion claimed eight lives and injured four at an industrial and medical gas manufacturing company near Gavasad village in Vadodara, Gujarat. The blast was caused due to leakage in Hydrogen gas cylinders in the vicinity. The incident occurred at 11 am in Aims Industries Limited. It is reported that around 24 workers were present at the site.

Fire brigade and rescue operations team immediately rushed to the spot. It took about 4 hours for the fire tenders to control the fire that erupted following the explosion. According to the Police, the company did not possess any permission to store hydrogen cylinders which caused the explosion. The Police also said that there were several loopholes in the safety in the company premises and that no precautions were taken in order to avert such disasters. Later, a thorough probe into the accident also found that most of the fire extinguishers in the company were not functioning properly. The Vadodara police ordered to find the owners of the company who after the incident were absconding.

Following the incident, local people, mostly relatives of the victims staged a sit-in protest against the company demanding safety and compensation. Industrial accidents like these are largely caused due to negligence towards rules and most commonly towards safety.

CyerTech Risk Center Analysis:

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