A bomb blast took place in Manipur on November 5.

A frantic situation was created among the people of Imphal on November 5 when a bomb blast took place at Thangal Bazaar area of the city.

A sudden chaos was caused in the area of Thangal Bazaar at around 9:30 am when the bomb blast took place. The market was abuzz with traffic and office goers at that point of time. Six people were reported to be severely injured in this blast.

According to the reports, soon after the blast occurred the police cordoned off the area completely. The blast radius was limited to a small area and the individuals who were injured were standing close to the area where the bomb exploded. There was no information regarding the miscreants who planted the bomb in the area.

Furthermore, the police force soon rushed to the area and began search operations but was unable to find clues regarding the blast. As per reports, the area where the blast took place was just 150 meters away from the city police station.

Later, the Chief Minister of Manipur also rushed to the spot to check upon the situation and the conditions of the locals.

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