A massive fire at ESIC Kamgar Hospital; 8 dead and around 150 injured

A massive fire broke out on December 17 around 4 pm at ESIC Kamgar Hospital in Andheri. According to the sources, smoke was noticed by the people present at the hospital later on it spread to the entire building trapping patients in the corridors and on the terrace.
10 fire engines, six water tankers, three turn table ladders more than 16 ambulances were present on the spot to rescue the people.
8 died and around 150 people including firemen were injured in this mishap.
Sources revealed that the hospital building was a five-floor structure and the blaze erupted on the fourth floor. Around 4.20 pm the fire tenders were present on the spot and they declared that it was a level 3 fire. By 5 pm the fire was raised to level 4. Two ladders of 37m each and one of 30m were used to rescue people trapped on the upper floors. The entire building was filled with smoke, causing panic among the people. The fire brigade rescued at least 157 doctors, staffers and patients from the building through the staircase and a common passage connected to an adjacent under-construction building and using ladders. Six water lines were pressed into service. The fire was finally extinguished at 7.35 pm.
People who were injured in this incident were shifted to nearby hospitals for further treatment. The possible cause of the fire was a short circuit in a window AC unit on the ground floor of the hospital.

Note: When the fire broke out at ESIC Kamgar Hospital, 163 of its 283 functional beds were occupied.

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