A massive fire engulfed Mulund’s HDFC Bank

Fire incidents have become very common in the nation’s financial capital in recent years. Recently, another fire incident took place in Mulund’s HDFC Bank on August 4, 2019, in the wee hours at about 3.30 a.m. According to the reports, the cause of the fire is said to be a short circuit in the bank premises. Eyewitnesses said the raging fire was probably stoked by the stormy winds and incessant rain. In just a few minutes it completely razed the ground floor office of the Bank. After devastating the ground floor, the fire spread to the first floor and subsequently traveled up the other floors. The security guard at the building immediately called the fire brigade.

Soon, three vehicles of the fire brigade rushed to the spot. But the massive fire had engulfed the entire building and had already ruined the HDFC Bank which resulted in reducing all the important accessories to ashes. Nevertheless, the fire brigade did a fantastic job and after, 4 hours of arduous hard-work, succeeded in controlling the fire.

Luckily, there was nobody in the building as the fire broke early in the morning, no casualty or injury reported in this incident. However, HDFC Bank has assured its account-holders and informed that though the Bank has been completely reduced to dust. Fortunately, the vital locker section, located at the basement of the building, has been miraculously escaped the lethal inferno! Besides, important data has also been deftly recovered from the computer system. Hence, account-holders need not worry and stay calm.

On the other hand, this incident has exposed the negligence and the laxity of the Fire Brigade and civil administration. The government and the Fire Department seem oblivious and apathetic about fire compliance measures and safety of commercial and residential buildings.

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