Gas leakage was reported from a pipeline of an oil company in Katrenikona on February 2.

A frantic situation was formed among the locals of Katrenikona village in the East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh when a gas leakage was reported on February 2.

According to the reports, a sudden chaos was caused in the village after a gas leakage was reported from a gas well in the village. The leakage was first reported from a pipeline which is maintained by PFH Oil and Gas Private Limited. The locals immediately contacted the authorities giving the information regarding the horrific situation.

The concerned authorities and the police forces rushed to the spot as soon as they received the information regarding the incident. They evacuated the area within one kilometer range and closed the road for at least 50 meters from the spot. Several precautionary measures were also taken by the local administration. The power supply to the village was cut off and the people were also warned to not use any material that may cause a fire accident.

According to the sources, the gas pipeline connected to Katrenikona well passing through few villages including Uppudi.

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