An explosion took place at a house in the city of Patna on Feb 10.

A frantic situation was formed among the people of Gandhi Maidan area in Patna on February 10 when an explosion took place at a house.

A sudden chaos was caused after a tremendous explosion took place at a house near Gandhi Maidan at around 8am of February 10. According to the reports, the blast was so deafening that its echo was heard till a few hundred meters away from the area.

It was horrendous moments for the locals as the explosion damaged two houses in the vicinity as the debris and the damaged articles scattered all around. According to the locals, the explosion was caused due to leakage of gas from an LPG cylinder. The locals immediately contacted the fire department giving the information regarding the horrific situation.

The fire tenders and police personnel rushed to the spot as soon as they received the information regarding the incident and began the rescue operation. Six people were reported to be severely injured in this blast and were rushed to Patna Medical College and Hospital.

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