Angry residents of Hrivanshpur village in Bihar demonstrated a protest against their MLA .

The residents of Hrivanshpur village in Bihar demonstrated a protest on June 23 against their local MLA for not showing any concern regarding the village’s water crisis and also regarding the families of the children who died due to Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (AES) during the month of June.

On June 23, the MLA visited the village of Hrivanshpur after the villagers put up missing posters of the MLA and the Union Minister.  As soon as he stepped into the village the residents not only shouted slogans, but also shooed him away from the village. According to the residents, the MLA did not show his concern and was also not present to support the villagers during their worst phase of time when they were battling with the crisis of severe water shortage and the Acute Encephalitis Syndrome which claimed the lives of the 7 kids in the village. The residents were protesting against the MLA for an hour and after that the villagers of Hrivanshpur chased his car away and hurled stones at it.

Earlier, on June 22 the residents showed anger by announcing a reward of Rs 15,000 for anyone who could find the politicians. They also put up banners and pasted posters on their cattle to convey their anguish against the politicians.

According to sources, after the residents demonstrated a protest against the politicians, the newly elected local MP visited the village. The moment he arrived a huge angry crowd surrounded him, trying to escape with the help of his bodyguards, he distributed medicines among the villagers and assured all possible help to them. He also distributed Rs 5,000 among the parents of the dead children. Later, the villagers allowed him to leave after 45 minutes. The angry villagers also attacked their local MLA who came along with the newly elected MP for a visit. He was rescued by three police bodyguards and then other police personnel were present with him.

According to the reports, the disease Acute Encephalitis Syndrome is spreading in a very devastating way in the district of Muzaffarpur in Bihar, causing death to several childrens. The death toll due to this disease have raised to 152.

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