Eight bogies of Visakha Express got separated from engine in Odisha’s Khurda on November 2

Eight coaches of the Bhubaneswar – Secunderabad Visakha Express were detached from engine near Balugaon railway station in Khurda district of Odisha on November 2. No casualty was reported in this mishap however, the schedule of the train was disturbed. The detachment of the bogies had happened due to glitches in coupling arrangements. The loco pilot noticed the separated coaches within two minutes after leaving the station. The coaches were recoupled and checked twice before initiating the further journey.

The incident happened after Visakha Express arrived Balugaon station at 10.21 am. Passengers felt an intense jolt and the luggage fell off onto the passengers who in turn fell on each other. Some passengers could see the train pulling only AC coaches and their bogies being slowed down. After two minutes the loco pilot noticed that the pressure being dropped to pull the train and stopped the train. Upon checking, decoupling was found between AC-2 tier and S-1 coaches. The coaches were recoupled and train began its forward journey at 11 am along with coach maintenance staff. The train was once again checked at 11.10 am between Balugaon and Chilika and left the spot at 11.42 am. The coupling between the two coaches was again inspected at Berhampur and Visakhapatnam railway stations.

Investigation found out that there was a defect in locking arrangement between the two coaches. Though no injury was reported in this mishap, the schedule of train running on this route was delayed.

CyerTech Risk Center Analysis:

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