Fire breaks out in a cardboard factory in Moradabad

A massive fire broke out in a cardboard factory located at Buddhi Vihar in Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh on May 18 around 10 in the morning. As soon as the flames were noticed by the factory workers they immediately informed the owner of the factory and hence later the fire tenders were informed about the blaze.
When the fire tenders came to know about the fire incident in Buddhi Vihar locality they immediately rushed to the spot. Five fire tenders were present on the spot and were trying to control the blaze. The concerned authorities also organised water tankers so that the blaze can be brought in control in a short duration however the blaze was so massive that the fire tenders tried to break the walls for fire fighting operation. Around 50 waters tankers were brought for the fire fighting operation.
The fire incident created panic among the workers as well as the residents. Due to the smoke, the people were facing breathing issues. The firefighters were struggling harder to control the blaze and finally, the fire was brought under control in the afternoon. Goods worth lakhs of rupees gutted in the fire.
According to the sources, the cause behind the fire is a short circuit however the exact reason for the fire is ascertained yet.
The concerned authorities are probing into this matter to find out the actual reason behind the blaze.

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