Fire broke out in a slum area in Tughlakabad

A massive fire broke out in an around 1000 shanties in the slum area of Tughlakabad locality in South East Delhi. The fire incident happened around 12.50 am on May 26. As soon as the fire tenders were informed around 30 fire tenders rushed to the spot to douse off the flames. The shanties in the area were completely gutted in the blaze as the flames were spreading from one Shanti to another. As the intensity of the blaze was increasing the huge plumes of smoke rose over the debris of houses, creating a thick haze. Fortunately, no casualties were reported.
According to the sources, when the fire was reported the fire tenders along with the police officials were present on the spot. As the rescue operation was on the police officials tried to control the locals as panic was created among them due to this blaze. Later on, the police officials and the rescue team managed to evacuate all the slum dwellers present there.
The reason behind the blaze is ascertained yet and the concerned authorities are trying to find out the actual reason behind the blaze.
Due to this unfortunate incident, hundreds of people are now homeless.
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About CyberTech-

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