Government restricted civilian traffic on the Jammu and Kashmir highway.

The state government of Jammu and Kashmir on April 3 declared that the civilian traffic on the J&K National Highway will be banned for two days, i.e. Wednesday and Sunday, and it was suppose to continue till May 31. This decision was taken by the government so that the security force convoys can move freely and securely in the J&K highway without any possibilities of terror attacks during the Parliamentary elections.

Earlier this year on February 14, a terror attack took place in this highway of Pulwama district, where a suicide bomber drove a car packed with explosives and ramped it into a Central Reserve Police Force convoy killing 40 jawans in the blast. This day became a black day for India as it lost many of it jawans in this attack. So keeping the black day in view the state government decided to declare the ban of civilian traffic on the highway for the two specified days ordering the civilians to stay off the highway from 4 am to 5 pm during these two days. The civilians were outraged by this decision of the government and they held many protests demanding the government to lift the ban as it caused chaos in the civilian’s daily life.

The highway is the only route which links the state to the rest of India and several hospitals, railway stations, government offices and schools are linked up with this route. Many businesses were also affected due to the ban as no vehicles were allowed to pass through the route. Civilian were also outraged with the governments decision of appointing local magistrates to issue passes for people in emergencies.

Finally, after so much of chaos caused by the civilian of Jammu and Kashmir the government decided to withdraw the restriction of the movement of the civilian traffic on the J&K highway on May 2.

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