IOC truck carrying LPG cylinders caught fire and gripped a school bus, none hurt

A massive fire was erupted in a truck carrying 300 LPG cylinders and led to series of blasts in Surat on January 9 morning. A school bus which was passing from the same road at the time of incident also came in the grip of the fire. At least 25 students were present in the bus and were rescued safely before the bus was completely destroyed in flames. Four fire tenders and one water spraying vehicle was rushed to the spot to fight the blaze. No injury or casualty was reported in this mishap.

The incident happened around 7.15 am on Thursday as the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) truck carrying LPG cylinders suddenly caught fire on Surat–Olpad road near Masma village in Surat. The fire was ignited reportedly due to a spark in the battery devise of vehicle. A school bus that was passing by also caught fire and was burnt completely. Fortunately, the children travelling in the bus were evacuated safely before any major mishap could have happened. The fire quickly engulfed entire truck and caused consecutive blasts in the cylinders. Noxious clouds of black smoke were emitted from this fire. Fire brigade was immediately called in to contain the blaze.

Apart from the truck and the school bus which was completely gutted in this fire, one tempo and an auto also destroyed which were passing by at the time of incident. The Surat–Olpad road was closed for traffic movement following this incident and could be reopened only after the blaze was brought under control. As a precautionary measure, the electricity and gas supply was also suspended in the nearby locations.

CyerTech Risk Center Analysis:

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