One IAF pilot dead and two injured as Surya Kiran Aircraft crash at Yelahanka airbase

One Indian Air Force pilot dead and two persons injured as Surya Kiran Aircraft crash. This mishap took place at Yelahanka airbase in north Bengaluru, Karnataka on February 19, Tuesday at 11:50 am during a rehearsal session. Officials, local police, fire tenders, ambulances were rushed on the spot to manage the situation after this mishap. They all shifted to the Air Command Hospital on Old Airport Road.

Two jets of the Indian Air Force’s Suryakiran Aerobatic Team crashed after a mid-air collision over the Yelahanka’s ISRO Layout in Nagenahalli, which was a residential area at Doddaballapur Road during their rehearsal for Aero India 2019. In this incident, one of the three pilots died as well as other two pilots who ejected safely, they also injured. Immediately, they shifted to the Command Hospital for treatment. Accidental area was cordoned off by the police team. During this incident, an uninhabited house near the crash site also caught fire as the debris came flying down. A civilian was also injured in the mishap. After the crash, about 100-150 people rushed to the site and tried to help the injured pilots. The cause of the mishap is unknown.

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