Passengers stranded for 19 hours in Mahalakshmi exp from July 26

Around 1050 passengers including 9 pregnant women were trapped in the Mahalakshmi Express near Vangani railway station in Thane district on July 26. Due to heavy rain, the railway tracks were flooded and however, the train was stranded between Vangani and Badlapur station for around 19 hours. The train left Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus, Mumbai (CSMT) around 8:30 on July 26 towards its destination whereas the passengers in it were unaware of this unfortunate incident and hence were trapped inside the train for several hours.

As soon as the concerned authorities came to know about this incident they immediately called for a joint operation in the state by the Indian Air Force, Army, Navy, the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF), state police, the Railway Police, local agencies, NGOs and volunteers. Till the time the officials reach the spot and start the rescue operation the locals tried their best to help the stranded passengers.
Four NDRF teams from Mumbai, Thane and Pune rushed to the spot where the train was stuck and evacuated the train passengers using eight inflatable rubber boats, whereas Navy teams of divers with specialised equipment MI-17 helicopters of the IAF, and two columns of Indian Army from Mumbai were deployed for the rescue operation. Around 36 doctors including gynaecologists were present on the spot for emergency situation.
The rescue operation started in the afternoon on July 27 and the women and children were shifted to the safe spot first later on the other passengers were moved to the Vangani village where the residents offered the passengers tea, water and food. Later on, the passengers boarded public vehicles towards Balapur, however, a special train was organised for the stranded passengers towards CSMT.
The downpour affected the train services on the Central line from Karjat to Badlapur where it remained suspended till Sunday evening i.e. July 28 due to which the commuters faced issued as there were no other fastest means of transport available towards Mumbai.
Note: Thane city recorded 160 mm rainfall till 8 am on July 27.

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