Suspicious Bag triggered Panic at Delhi Airport’s Terminal 3

A suspicious bag was spotted at Terminal 3 of Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport on November 1 in the midnight. Panic situation created in the area after this news. This situation was leading to restrictions in passenger movements for a couple of hours. A bomb detection and Disposal Squad (BDDS) team along with a dog squad rushed immediately on the spot. The entire area was cordoned off. Traffic movement of vehicles and passengers also stopped by the Airport authorities for a few hours. Airport officials increased the security of the airport premises for safety.

The BDDS team reached the spot at around 1.30 am and acted as per the standard operating procedure (SOP). X-ray images of the bag were taken by the bomb squad, which were also not clear and found doubtful. Later, the bag was checked by a bomb detector and a sniffer dog, which gave positive signals for explosives. Subsequently, the baggage was safely taken to a cooling pit in isolation area with the help of a Threat Containment Vehicle (TCV) around 3 am. The suspected explosive kept under observation for 24 hours with the help of the bomb experts of the National Security Guard and forensics (NSGF). The bag was removed with the help of the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) and shifted to another place. After a complete search of the arrival, the area conducted by the CISF, movement of passengers and vehicles was resumed around 3.30 am.

The claimant contacted the police after 16 hours of losing his bag. Then the bag was opened in the presence of the claimant. Later the whole search operation, authority declared that the bag contained a laptop, its charger, some toys, and clothes. There was no RDX or any other explosive in the bag. After the entire investigation, the claimant stated that he is a resident of Ballabhgarh and arrived from Mumbai at 12.30 am in Delhi with his friends. He forgot his luggage at the Airport as the group had many bags. He left the bag unintentionally.


CyerTech Risk Center Analysis:

The analysts of Cybertech Risk Center have generated advisory on November 1 in wee hours with a moderate impact on this incident. We generated real-time alerts on this incident and closely monitored the situation providing its clients with timely alerts about the same. We at Cybertech’s Risk center covers Bank Robbery, Bomb Threat, Civil Unrest, Curfew, Disturbance, Explosion, Explosive Device, Hostage Situation, Insurgent Attack, Military Operation, Police Activity, Protest, Rally, Riot, Robbery, Suspicious Device, Suspicious Package, Violent Crime under the ‘Security’ category that could be the reason of disruption for the client’s business continuity process, working in collaboration with NC4 providing pan India coverage.

CyberTech analysts have closely monitored the incident by reviewing various sources like Media, Social Media / Crowd Sourcing, Public Domain – including Government advisories and websites for real-time / predictive information on natural disasters etc. The sources referred are regional language news channels, Newspapers and various social media sources. The news was then consolidated and summarized with the relevant information in one single place. CyberTech Analysts filter all the facts and figures to find out the exact information that is relevant to the client. We cover every incident which is significant to our clients globally with the Collaboration of NC4, a world leader in providing risk management solutions.

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