The Indian Air Force aircraft went missing over the Northeastern part of India on June 3.

It was a staggering moment for the Indian Air Force on June 3 as its Antonov An-32, a transport aircraft, went missing over Northeastern part of India.  The aircraft went missing after it took off from Jorhat during the afternoon hours. It was flying toward an advance landing ground in Arunachal Pradesh’s Menchuka Valley when it suddenly went missing.

The Indian Air Force aircraft took off at 12:27 pm from Jorhat, Assam, with 13 people onboard consisting of eight crew members and five passengers. The aircraft was flying on its way for Menchuka advance landing ground in Shi Yomi district in Arunachal Pradesh when it suddenly went missing. According to the reports, the aircraft last contacted with the ground control at 1 pm. It was a staggering moment for the Indian Air Force. The IAF later deployed 2 aircrafts and 2 helicopters to locate the missing Antonov An-32 aircraft. A search and rescue operation was declared by the Indian Air Force where they were looking for the missing aircraft from both ground and aerial level. According to the ground reports there are possibilities for the plane to have crashed  in a particular area,  but later when helicopters were sent into the location, no wreckage were found.

The Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) was pressed into the service and deployed its Radar Imaging Satellite (RISAT) in search of the missing aircraft. The Indian Navy also joined the search and rescue operation by sending its Long Range Maritime Reconnaissance aircraft for the operation.

Despite the massive search operation by different organizations, the wreckage of the missing aircraft, Antonov An-32,   couldn’t be located.

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