The Uttar Pradesh- Haryana border hit due to massive protests of migrant workers

Nowadays many protests staged in many cities as well as states in the nation over the lockdown to fight the coronavirus pandemic. The Central government has promised to help poor Indian people during this situation. Many ruckuses occurred when Prime Minister Narendra Modi has extended the nationwide lockdown fourth time on May 17. This lockdown has extended till May 31 in India. The situation of migrant people is very horrible in the nation. They are facing many problems in their daily life. They are facing shelter, food, water, money, and employment problems. They are also facing transportation facilities to reach their homes. Many people are traveling by Shramik trains, trucks, cycles, and some walking by road miles and miles.

Around 12000 migrants had gathered on a highway in the western Uttar Pradesh district of Saharanpur to catch the available vehicles. They were demanding the police to allow them to walk the 1,200-odd kilometers home. The Uttar Pradesh Government had sealed the borders of the state following a major accident of migrants in Auraiya on May 16. A violent protest broke out on the Uttar Pradesh- Haryana border which is located in the largest state of Uttar Pradesh. Haryana is bordered by Punjab and Himachal Pradesh to the north and Rajasthan to the west and south. The eastern border of the state is defined by the Yamuna River, which separates it from the Indian states of Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh.  Many important highways are going through the state of Uttar Pradesh for traveling like Noida, Delhi-Meerut, Yamuna, Agra- Lucknow, and Eastern Peripheral highways.

A large number of migrant workers had gathered from different places and cities at Uttar Pradesh- Haryana border in Uttar Pradesh on May 17, Sunday morning. They staged protests at multiple places in the state for the whole day. Many migrants came from the state of Rajasthan, Haryana, Bihar, Gujarat, and Delhi. Several important roads and highways were disrupted due to their protest in the entire state. The police force was deployed at the border area for checking. The police had stopped hundreds of vehicles carrying migrants without valid passes at Jaluan-Hamirpur Border near Kurara. The police team stopped them at the various checkpoint and toll plaza. The disturbance took place in many areas. The first ruckus came from Saharanpur-Ambala Highway in Saharanpur. These people were demanding a special train to return to Bihar, Gujarat, and Rajasthan. Additional police force reached the spot to control the angry mob. Similarly, migrants had gathered at Ghazipur – UP Border as well as at Raksa Border where police had stopped them from entering the state. Some police resorted to baton charged on people. Some workers injured in this mishap and they shifted to hospital for treatment. After this police and migrant clash, people started to raise anti-government slogans. No buses were plying on that day. Migrants shifted to prayer halls of Radha Swami Satsang (religious ashram), and the other 3,000 people shifted in a community hall. Unfortunately, government officers announced that the train or bus will not run for the next two weeks. So, all people again stuck in the area. Many people again came back to their homes but they also stopped by authorities. The police force had provided them shelter and food on that day. Many migrants were stranded in different locations in the state. The situation brought under control in the evening.


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