Wheel of LTT-bound train broke near Manmad station

A portion of a wheel of Barauni – Lokmaya Tilak express broke near Nandgaon, Nashik when it was on its way towards Mumbai from Barauni railway station on June 2 around 9.30 in the morning.
Luckily no injury was reported in this incident. As soon as the concerned authorities were informed they immediately rushed to the spot. Due to this incident train services on this route was affected for hours. Many trains were stranded on the tracks on this route until the affected bogies were taken to the yard for repair work.
According to the sources, the incident occurred between Pimar Khed and Nandgaon railway station in Bhusaval.
Sources revealed that the train services were affected for three hours. When the passengers, as well as the driver, noticed some irregular movement they immediately spotted the broken wheel of the second AC coach the train and the train was stopped immediately. The railway officials were called on the spot to take necessary action.
The railway authorities distributed water and biscuits to the passengers who were stranded inside the train for around three hours.
The delay occurred because the breakdown van was ordered from Manmad station after which the rail coaches were separated. After that, the detached coach with a broken wheel was sent to Nandgaon yard and the train left for Mumbai, officials added.
According to the railway officials, Railway Design and Standards Organisation will conduct an investigation to know the reason behind this incident after metallurgical failure analysis.

Note: The broken wheel was among the batch that was imported from Austria in June 2015.

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