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Prevent Disruptions in Business Operations

Keeping People Safe and Your Business Running
with risk-intelligence from CyberTech Risk-Center 

Ensure Business Continuity

In the wake of increasing threats such as terrorism and natural disasters, corporate security responsibilities have grown beyond damage management to include effective and predictive risk mitigation and damage minimization strategies. Public and private organizations in India must utilize the best tools and techniques to ensure business continuity while safeguarding assets and employees.

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Be aware in real-time about what’s happening around you

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Minimize response time and anticipate & prevent disruption to your business operations

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 Assess threats to wherever your employees live, work, and travel


CyberTech Risk Center, a leader in providing risk management solutions, provides organizations with advanced risk visibility solutions that leave no room for inaccuracy or delay in planning for, or responding to incidents. We bring an integrated risk management solutions that will revolutionize how businesses collect, manage and disseminate risk-related information. The risk center thus helps organizations ensure business continuity, while safeguarding their employees and physical assets.


Our team of highly skilled analysts leverage thousands of diverse information sources to provide early warning of incidents at neighborhood, regional, national and international levels. Analysts evaluate incident intelligence in near real-time, reporting only the relevant incidents that could threaten your business assets, operations or employees.

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Global Flashpoints and Situation Reports


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Real-Time Incident Reporting

Get early warnings of relevant incidents that are likely to impact the safety of your employees and assets or hamper your business. Our team of highly qualified analysts identify alerts based on your needs & priorities; and provide relevant, actionable intelligence to help you make quicker and better-informed decisions.

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Physical Asset Monitoring

Receive early warnings of potential threats to your organizational assets. Our threat and asset visualization solution helps you to continuously monitor potential risks around your key asset locations. Our near-real time alerts about planned or emergency incidents in the vicinity of your assets help you safeguard your valuable assets, and proactively prevent damage.

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Global Insights

Acquire in-depth analysis of major planned and unplanned events that are likely to impact your business. The offering includes predictive assessment reports for significant world events, detailed country reports with risk ratings, location-specific trends analysis etc. It also includes advanced travel risk visibility to employees along with insights on global travel risks with country-wise risk ratings and pre-trip advisories.


Information gathered from authentic and trustworthy source


Categorizes Information into defined areas like Aviation, Fire, Infra, Security, terrorism etc. for easy consumption


Real-time information to execute a quick and coordinated response

Customer Testimonials

The advisories and alerts sent by CyberTech Risk Center was one of the key sources for getting constant updates about the incident which helped us in our business continuity actions

V Chacko

Principle Business Continuity Management System, Infosys

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