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  • Shaiber Raichur

22 dead after a boat capsized near Tanur on May 7

On Sunday, May 7, a tragic event occurred in the Malappuram district of Kerala when a tourist boat capsized near Tanur at around 7 pm. The incident took place near Tuvalthiram Beach, a popular tourist spot. The boat was carrying around 35 tourists.

Fortunately, some of the passengers were able to swim to safety, and the rescue teams were able to save the lives of many others. However, the incident claimed the lives of around 22 people. The injured were taken to nearby hospitals for treatment.

The cause of the incident is still under investigation, but initial reports suggest that the boat may have capsized due to overloading. Locals stated that the boat was overcrowded and that the passengers were not wearing life jackets when the incident happened. The local authorities were informed about the incident, and rescue operations were immediately launched.

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