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  • Dhanashri Warghade

50 passengers injured in a bus accident in Karnataka’s Shivmogga

Around 50 passengers injured in a bus accident in Karnataka’s Shivamogga when a private bus was on its way to Koppa from Shivamogga. After this accident, locals immediately informed to the police. Police reached to the spot quickly and shifted injured to the nearby hospital.

Two buses collided with each other near Lakkinakoppa in Shivamogga on July 1 in the night. A Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) bus was heading towards Shivamogga from Sringeri and a private bus on its way to Koppa from Shivamogga when this accident occurred. According to the sources, bus drivers of both the buses also injured. Tunga Nagar Police had reached the spot and admitted them to Mc Gann Hospital in Shivamogga. There were more than 35 passengers on the private bus and more than 45 passengers on KSRTC bus. Both buses damaged badly. Luckily, traffic movement did not affect during incident time. KSRTC authority informed to the relatives of all the injured.

In the meantime, the Indian Meteorological Division (IMD) had predicted heavy to very heavy rainfall over the coastal Karnataka area. The IMD had also issued an orange alert within the districts for that day and a yellow alert until 4 July. This accident took place due to heavy rain of the city. Heavy rain lashed to the coastal area and disrupted regular life.

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