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  • Shaiber Raichur

50 shops engulfed in flames after a blaze erupted at the daily market in Keonjhar

On April 3, a major fire broke out at the daily market in Odisha's Keonjhar town, reducing over 50 shops to ashes. The incident occurred around 11 am.

Firefighters promptly responded to the suspected electric short-circuit fire that began in a utensil store. After a 3-hour long battle, the blaze was successfully contained. Fortunately no casualty was reported in this incident.

The Sub-Collector, who inspected the incident site, informed that the cause of the fire is still being probed. He further stated that an investigation will be conducted to determine the actual source of it.

According to the sources, by the time fire tenders reached the market, the fire had destroyed articles worth lakhs of rupees in his shop. Sources further revealed that there was insufficient water to douse the flames. Later on the fire managed to control the blaze.

However, the exact reason behind the blaze is yet to be ascertained.

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