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  • Anurag Goswami

A stepwell collapsed in a temple in the city of Indore on March 30

A tragic incident took place during the afternoon hours of March 30, after a stepwell collapsed in Beleshwar Mahadev Jhulelal temple located in Patel Nagar area of Indore, Madhya Pradesh. The tragic incident occurred at around 12 pm when scores of people were gathered at the temple to offer their prayers on the occasion of Ram Navami. During the prayer timing, some devotees were performing 'havan' while many other were standing in a queue on the roof built above the stepwell. According to the reports, the well was at least 50-60 feet deep and was filled with water. Around 49 people fell into the well after the roof of the stepwell collapsed. This situation raised a wave of panic among the people in the temple. The rescue team were soon deployed to the spot after receiving the information regarding the horrendous situation.

Teams with 75 army personnel along with NDRF and SDRF were soon rushed to the spot for rescue and relief operations. The rescue authorities with help from the locals of the area managed to pull out all the people from the well with the help of ropes. Hindrance was faced during the rescue operation as the space where the well is located is narrow.

As per reports, a total of 35 people died in this incident while 14 people were rescued and were rushed to the hospital for medical attention. It was an 18 hours long rescue operation where 25 other fire personnels were added to help the trapped people.

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