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  • Shaiber Raichur

A training aircraft crashed in Balghat on March 18, two pilots dead

Tragedy struck the Balaghat district in Madhya Pradesh after a charter plane crashed at around 3.45 pm on March 18, leaving two people dead, including a trainee pilot. Reports indicated that one of the bodies was found amongst the wreckage, while authorities were searching for the other. A throng of villagers had assembled at the site.

This incident involved a student aircraft from Birsi Airport in Gondia, Maharashtra which crashed near the Balaghat district border about 40 km away from its headquarters.

According to the sources, the aircraft was found crashed in the said village upon reaching the incident site, the police officials recovered two bodies and were further identified as one trainee female pilot and another as the plane’s instructor.

According to police officials, an aeroplane crashed in a thick forest near the village of Bhakkutola, which was monitored by the Kirnapur Police station. Surveillance video taken at the spot shows a corpse amid the debris. The cause of the crash is yet to be determined but it is believed that it might have happened due to bad weather as a hail storm was happening in the Balaghat district. Police officers and an investigative team are examining the scene.

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