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  • Shaiber Raichur

A Vistara flight UK-697 from Delhi returned back due to a technical snag on February 17

On February 17, a Vistara flight UK-697 from Delhi to Amritsar had turned over and landed back at Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi due to a technical snag To resolve this issue the pilots decided to return to Delhi where the airline’s engineering base is located and where rectification will be swifter than to continue operating to nearby Amritsar.

At the same time, the concerned authorities made an immediate arrangement for the passengers. The airport authorities arranged another aircraft so that the passengers can fly to Amritsar without any inconvenience. The aircraft took off at 1.30 pm post a technical inspection.

According to the sources, the Amritsar-bound Vistara aircraft which was carrying 146 passengers, suffered a technical snag when pilots got an alert for a hydraulic snag (yellow low-level indication. As a precautionary step, the pilots of the UK-697 flight decided to turn back and landed safely at the Indira Gandhi International International Airport in New Delhi.

According to the airline officials, it was only a precautionary turnback as soon as they got to know about the issue and not an emergency landing.

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