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  • Anurag Goswami

An Indian Air Force MiG-21 fighter aircraft crashed in Hanumangarh on May 8

A MIG-21 fighter aircraft belonging to the Indian Air Force which took off from Suratgarh, crashed near Bahalol Nagar area of Hanumangarh in the state of Rajasthan at around 9:45 am of May 8. According to the reports, the pilot made all the efforts to avert human casualties and crash-land the plane on the outskirts of a village but somehow failed and crashed the plane on a house. This situation raised a wave of panic among the locals and the authorities were informed regarding the situation.

Police personnel, local authorities and the air force authorities soon reached the site of the crash after receiving the information. The authorities with help from the local people of the area managed to evacuate all the 3 people from the wreckage of aircraft.

Unfortunately, all the 3 people died due to this incident. Furthermore, the pilot experienced an onboard emergency, following which he attempted to recover the aircraft as per existing procedures and having failed to do so, he initiated an ejection sustaining minor injuries in the process. The pilot was recovered from about 25 kilometres North East of Suratgarh base.

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