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  • Anurag Goswami

Choli Bridge collapsed in Chamba after landslide occurred in the area on Feb 3

An unfortunate incident took place during the evening hours of February 3, after a 20-meter-long Choli Bridge on the National Highway 154 collapsed due to a landslide that occurred at Loona Bharmour in district Chamba, Himachal Pradesh. This incident took place at around 7:30 pm affecting the traffic in the area. According to the reports, the bridge connected Bharmour sub-division (a tribal area) with Chamba. This situation raised a wave of panic among the locals. The rescue team were deployed in the area after receiving the information.

The rescue team along with JSW and the GMR company managements reached the spot and soon started the restoration work of the national highway so that the people of the area could get food and daily use items and do not face problems in delivery of goods.

As per the reports, two vehicles, i.e, a car and a tipper truck fell from the bridge when the incident took place. 2 people were injured in this incident and were rescued safely. Furthermore, the Deputy Commissioner has also promised that the movement of vehicular traffic would be restored within few days by installing a bailey bridge at Luna while a pedestrian path for the people would be constructed.

The analysts of Cybertech Risk Center generated real-time alerts on this incident and closely monitored the situation providing its clients with timely alerts about the same. We at Cybertech Risk center covers Bridge Collapse, Building Collapse, Dam Collapse, Mine Incident, Partial Collapse, Tunnel Collapse, Unsafe Structure under the “Structural” category that could be the reason of disruption for the client’sbusiness continuity process, working in collaboration with NC4 providing pan India coverage.

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