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  • Anurag Goswami

Cooking gas cylinder exploded in Bhungra village of Jodhpur, Rajasthan on Dec 8

A frantic situation was formed during the afternoon hours of December 8, when an explosion took place in a house where guests had gathered for a wedding ceremony in Bhungra village of Jodhpur, Rajasthan. This tragic incident occurred at around 4 pm when

a cooking gas cylinder suddenly exploded while preparing food for the guests. The explosion was so intense that the house had collapsed due to the impact of the blast. The gas cylinder was kept in the store room where it caught fire following a leak which led to its explosion. The area was soon engulfed with billowing smoke and this situation raised a wave of panic among the people.

Fire tenders and doctors along with ambulances soon rushed to the spot after receiving the information and started evacuation process soon after reaching. They faced a lot of difficulties while fighting the blaze due to the billowing smoke. It took a lot of efforts for the fire tenders to fight the flames.

According to the reports, 22 people died in this incident while 33 people are injured and are being treated at MG hospital. A team of doctors, including a general surgeon, a plastic surgeon, a pediatric surgeon and an anesthetist, are working round-the-clock to attend to the injured. Furthermore, the injured who were admitted to the hospital sustained 80-100 per cent burns and are in serious condition.

The analysts of Cybertech Risk Center generated real-time alerts on this incident and closely monitored the situation providing its clients with timely alerts about the same. We at Cybertech Risk center covers Explosion, High Rise Fire, Industrial Fire, Structure Fire, Vehicle Fire under the “Fire” category that could be the reason of disruption for the client’s business continuity process, working in collaboration with NC4 providing pan India coverage.

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