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  • Ravi Jha

Dhanbad shop gutted in fire; three people lost lives on Nov 13

Three people of the same family including an innocent lost their lives following a massive fire in a shop in Dhanbad, Jharkhand on November 13 night. Kendua Market of Dhanbad was stunned seeing this heartbreaking scene after a fire destroyed a family and ruined the nearby shops. The family had their house just above the shop and the fire was so massive that it took the owner’s family member with it. Addition to this three death, there were more than 6 people injured in this incident. The shop was completely gutted in fire.

There were other family members and also some local who were affected by this fire but was declared safe after their treatment at Shaheed Nirmal Mahto Medical College and Hospital in Dhanbad. Ahead of the two fire engines that came to douse off the fire, there were locals who were putting in efforts to contain the blaze. Not only people, but also shops nearby which were affected in this mishap. Reportedly, three to four neighbouring shops had to suffer following this incident.

The fire engines came to the spot very late. Residents nearby feel things could have been different if fire engines would have made it earlier. According to the fire official, there is a very narrow road near the Kendua Market and that’s why the big fire engine could not reach the spot and the small engine were called up. Two fire tenders were at the spot and doused off the fire and sent the injured to the hospital for treatment.

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