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  • Ravi Jha

Dozen affected after a truck full of cold drinks overturned in Rajasthan’s Dausa

An over speeding truck which was reportedly running on Mahwa-Mandawar highway was uncontrollably overturned and hit a jeep nearby. The collision was so huge that it took 6 people along with it. Six were killed brutally meanwhile 12 were reportedly injured in this accident. This horrible accident took place on Tuesday during the rush hours. This collision happened at the Birsana crossing of Dausa district, Rajasthan.

Police from Mahwa and Mandawar police stations were immediately informed about this accident and they were at the spot to carry out rescue work. Locals present at the accident spot also helped Police personnel in rescuing people.

Police sent the injured to the hospital and also investigated the whole matter. Relatives of the affected people gathered at the spot following the incident. Police found out that truck was fully loaded with aerated beverages and due to its speed, the driver couldn’t control it and it got overturned.

Police made a necessary diversion near the accident spot ahead of sending the injured and dead bodies to the hospitals in Mandawar and Mahwa. Some of the injured was also sent to Jaipur for further treatment. Road clearance was made and then the traffic was plying normally at the mentioned location.

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