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  • Shaiber Raichur

Due to dense fog, approximately 100 flights were cancelled in Delhi on December 28.

Around 100 flights were disrupted in Delhi alone as the national capital continues to reel under severe cold conditions with a thick layer of fog over it again on December 28.

According to the sources, due to bad weather (fog) for three days, over 100 flights were reported delayed from and to Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi whereas some flights were also diverted to the nearest airport.

Sources further revealed that another reason for the delay in flights was that some airlines had not deployed their CAT-III-compliant pilots yet. With a runway visual range (RVR) of up to 50m and a decision height of 15m, CAT III-B ILS allows aircraft to land with a runway visual range (RVR) of up to 50m. Flights can land safely in low visibility with the CAT-III Instrument Landing System (ILS).

According to Flight Information Display System (FIDS) at Delhi airport, over 18 flights status were delayed till noon majorly operating in north India's airport from Delhi, however arrivals flights were displayed on time. Early morning Fog in Delhi caused massive delays across the network. The inconvenience was caused to hundreds of passengers due to this disruption.

Note: Even as the congestion at the airport in New Delhi was being tackled amid a busy year-end holiday season, the problems of air travellers increased once more with dense fog covering most parts of north India. Poor visibility affecting the northern parts of the country over the past few days repeating disruptions in flight movement.

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