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  • Shaiber Raichur

Fire engulfed the engine and two coaches of a passenger train at Daurala Railway Station


On March 5, a fire broke out in two coaches of a passenger train numbered 04460, which was on its way from Saharanpur to Delhi, near the Daurala railway station in Uttar Pradesh around 7:10 in the morning. No injuries or casualties were reported in this incident.

According to the sources, when the train was about to reach Daurala railway station, a fire broke out in the train's engine and was spread further to the two adjoining coaches.

The railway station staff immediately tried to rescue the passengers. Later on, all the passengers were evacuated from the train safely. The passengers helped the concerned authorities to detach the coaches from the engine. The railway authorities had called the fire tenders to douse off the flames.

Due to this incident, rail traffic was majorly affected on this route. The railway authorities sent the evacuated passengers to another train.

The cause of the fire is not ascertained yet. Whereas the concerned authorities are trying to find out the reason behind the blaze.

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