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  • Haresh Parshuram Yetal

Major fire gutted three factories at Dada Nagar Industrial Area in Kanpur on August 25

A major fire was broken out in three factories located at Dada Nagar Industrial Area Site No. 5 of Govind Nagar in Kanpur, UP during wee hours on August 25. At least 16 fire tenders were rushed to the spot to fight the flames. No casualty was reported in this mishap however, the factories are expected to have faced the loss worth several crores due to this fire. Fire brigade managed to douse off the flames after several hours of efforts.

The incident took place around 1.15 am when the fire ignited in the MCB installed in switch panel on second floor of the plastic sheets manufacturing factory. The factory workers who were working on the ground floor, tried to extinguish the fire but failed to do so. The fire then spread further and engulfed the adjoining factory which manufactures battery cabinets. After being informed, 16 fire tenders were rushed to the spot. The firefighting operation continued throughout the night.

Reports further informed that the factory owners dialed the emergency number of fire brigade but did not get any response. In the meantime, the fire engulfed another adjoining factory. Since, the fire brigade number was not being attended, one of the factory owner’s personally reached the Fazalganj fire station and informed the fire brigade.

The two adjoining factories of plastic sheets and battery cabinets are owned by a father son duo under the name TG Industry at the site no. 5 C block. The fire could be completely extinguished by 8 am with help of 16 fire tenders and 70-72 firefighters.

CyberTech Risk Center Analysis:

The analysts of Cybertech Risk Center generated real-time alerts on this incident and monitored the situation providing its clients with timely alerts about the same which helped them take business continuity measures and ensure employee safety in time. We at Cybertech’s Risk center cover Electrical Fire, Explosion, High Rise Fire, Industrial Fire, Structure Fire, Train Fire, Vehicle Fire and Sildfire under the ‘Fire’ category that could be the reason of disruption for the client’s business continuity process.

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