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  • Anamika Shukla

Massive Fire at Rohingya Camp Left Hundreds Homeless on June 12

A massive fire at Rohingya Camp in Delhi left hundreds without roof in just mere seconds. The horrifying incident occurred at around 11.30 pm on Saturday (June 12) and within no time the fire spread across the whole camp. The camp had around 55 shanties which turned into ashes. Fortunately, no injuries or casualties were reported due to the mishap.

The camp was situated in the Madanpur Khadar area near Kalindi Kunj in the capital city’s south. As soon as the fire personnel were alerted, more than 5 vehicles of fire department rushed to the spot and evacuated the whole area to eradicate any kind of life loss. It took about six hours of continuous efforts in dousing the flames followed by the cooling operation. According to the reports, the fire started from a vacant house in the camp. However, the exact cause of fire was not clarified by the officials. If going by the assumptions the cause is predicted to be short-circuit or sparking in the main electric connection followed by a gas cylinder explosion.

The incident happened the very next day of another gigantic fire mishap that broke out at showrooms of Lajpat Nagar's Central Market. Around 30 fire tenders were pressed in action to douse the enormous flames.

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