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  • Shaiber Raichur

Massive fire breaks out at a plastic factory in Kheda district of Gujarat on May 29

On May 29, a massive fire broke out at a plastic factory in the Kheda district of Gujarat, leaving a trail of smoke and destruction. The incident was reported around 8 AM when thick smoke was spotted rising from the factory premises.

The fire quickly spread and engulfed the entire building, making it almost impossible to contain. The incident caused panic and chaos among the locals as the blaring sirens of fire tenders and ambulances echoed through the streets. The authorities acted swiftly and dispatched multiple fire tenders to control the raging inferno. Despite best efforts, the fire continued to rage on for hours, causing extensive damage to the factory. Casualties are yet to be confirmed, but reports suggest that there were no major injuries. The cause of the fire is underway whereas the concerned authorities are investigating the matter.

This incident serves as a wake-up call for the authorities to reevaluate the safety standards of such factories and take necessary measures to ensure the safety of the workers.

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