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  • Shaiber Raichur

Massive fire broke out in AIIMS Deoghar on April 13; no casualty reported

A massive fire broke out on April 13 at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences building in the city of Deoghar, Jharkhand. Several reports have indicated that there have been no casualties associated with the incident. After receiving this information, firefighters who arrived on the scene brought the fire under control within an hour of getting to the scene. Within minutes of the fire breaking out in the lower portion of the B Block, a cloud of smoke rose quickly throughout the entire building in the lower portions of the building as high flames rose from the lower portion of the B Block. In order to make the people present on the premises as safe as possible, they were taken to safer locations.

The Director of AIIMS informed that welding work in an under construction area caused a spark which resulted in the fire. This was at the time of the fire. There was a heap of garbage strewn on the ground, containing combustible materials such as plastic.

Meanwhile, State Health Minister Banna Gupta has ordered an investigation into the accident to be carried out as soon as possible.

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