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Mohali- 30 people hospitalized due to gas leakage from water works at Balongi.

A gas leakage incident took place at Balongi area of Mohali district in Punjab on June 7. The incident occurred in the night. Chlorine gas leakage reported from waterworks . Around 30 people hospitalized due to heavy breathing and breathlessness after the gas leak. The fire brigade team had rushed to the spot. The impact of the incident was so moderate that the gas started spreading and affecting the nearby areas. The chlorine gas is used to purify the water of the tubewell.

According to sources, locals were facing irritation in eyes, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting after the gas leakage. Immediately they called to fire department and local police station. They both reached the spot. Two fire personnel dug the ground and buried the cylinder. They also hospitalized 30 people.

A chlorine gas leak at a waterworks at Balongi in the district late Sunday at around 8.30 pm. All affected women and children shifted to Civil hospital for treatment in Phase 6 in the district. 10 people discharged after the treatment. All other people were discharged on the same day. A panic situation occurred in the area after locals staying around the waterworks complained of heavy breathing and breathlessness after the leakage of the gas.

This situation brought under control after a few hours.

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