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  • Dhanashri Warghade

Six houses destroyed in gas cylinder explosion in Kalwa

A gas cylinder explosion had occurred at Gagangiri Chawl in Kalwa of Thane. 6 houses had destroyed after two cylinders blast. No one was injured in this mishap. Fire tenders rushed on the spot. The local police team also reached to the spot. Fire brought under control.

Two gas cylinders exploded at Gholai nagar in Gagangiri Chawl of Kalwa on March 3 at 4.35 pm. The cause of fire was not ascertained. Locals ran away from their houses. Panic situation had occurred in this slum area. Other neighbors immediately called to the fire brigade team and local police station. Fortunately no one was injured in this blast but 6 houses gutted.

Kalwa police team, Regional Disaster Management Cell (RDMC), forest officers, torrent officials and the fire brigade rushed quickly on the site with a rescue vehicle and fire engines. Fire brought under control within few hours. The homes adjacent to the cylinder blast spot were completely charred. According to the chief of Thane Municipal Corporation’s Regional Disaster Management Cell (RDMC), this explosion took place due to leakage of gas cylinder.

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