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  • Anurag Goswami

The explosion of a gas cylinder on April 20 left 22 people injured in Kolkata

On April 20, around 4.50 pm, there was an LPG cylinder explosion in a residential building in the Bichali Ghat area of Kolkata. It was a residential building that was affected by the explosion. According to the preliminary investigation, the fire was caused by a gas leak, which caused the flames to spread.

According to sources, the fire originated in the kitchen while some members of the family were cooking in the kitchen. As it happened, the cylinder was located in the kitchen area on the ground floor of the double-storey building, which also houses a number of small shops on the ground floor.

There was no time to escape after the cylinder burst, as gas from the cylinder caught fire and spread to adjacent shops.

In addition, sources report that the kitchen was littered with chunks of the iron cylinder, and those who were cooking suffered the maximum amount of injuries as a result.

A total of four fire tenders were present at the scene and were tasked with carrying out rescue operations on the scene. The fire resulted in the injury of around 21 people. Injured victims were immediately taken to the SSKM Hospital in the city where they were treated immediately.

A large crowd was seen on Bichali Ghat Road after the fire incident caused panic among the residents. As a result of the fire spreading to a row of shops adjoining the house, several people sustained burns. Due to this incident, traffic in the area was affected.

As per police officials, the accident scene will be forensically examined on April 21 as part of the investigation into the accident.

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